Designing for the Western Lifestyle-Interior Design in Steamboat Springs

The West has always been known for its individuality, rugged landscapes and pioneer spirit. From Cowboy or Pioneer Homestead to Refined Mountain or Rustic Contemporary, we will explore the common elements we have discovered while designing for the Western lifestyle and at the same time show how these elements can be combined to create completely different interiors.

Key elements in designing for the Western lifestyle include:

  • Creating a cozy, inviting environment where you can gather with family and friends
  • Bringing the outdoors in by using natural materials — metal, stone and wood for the interior finishes
  • Selecting a mix of furniture pieces that will stand the test of time
  • Allowing for each person’s vision of the Western lifestyle to find its expresssion


We think that the most important thing you should know about the Western lifestyle is that everyone can live it, even you!  There’s no reason that you can’t bring the West into your home.  Our mountain lifestyle is so multifaceted that you will see that there is no end to the customization that is possible, especially in interior design in Steamboat Springs.

Our portfolios are comprised of  five unique styles, all of which fit under the umbrella of Western design: Refined Mountain, Mountain Contemporary, Western Cowboy, Mountain Lodge and New Mexico Territorial.

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