The Design Team

  • Lynne Barton Bier

  • Principal/Lead Designer

Lynne Barton Bier moved to Steamboat in 1988 with her husband Joe and her 3 month old daughter Payje. Lynne and Joe bought The Front Page, a gift store in downtown Steamboat Springs and Lynne’s Steamboat career in interior design was launched – well, not exactly launched, it started out quietly a room at a time –and then grew from there. In the past 27 years Lynne has created 3 successful home furnishing stores – The Front Page, Barton’s of Steamboat and Home on the Range. Lynne has worked with clients from around the world to help bring their dreams of a Steamboat home to reality.

Lynne grew up with a father who collected everything from Oriental rugs to Alaskan art. He took her to antique stores and art galleries and instilled in her a love of the search for unique, quality pieces from around the world. Living in Paris for two years in the 70s and then working in the Middle-East for two months as a translator added a passion for exotic travel to the mix. Lynne visited flea markets in Paris and London as well as souks and medinas from Marrakesh to Cairo to Damascus.

Not satisfied with just seeing the finished product, Lynne took every opportunity she could to see where and how things were made. Renting a farmhouse in Brittany for a summer provided the opportunity to visit the “cottage” industries and factories where lace and faience were made. In Rabat, Morocco she watched the extended family groups weaving rugs. A trip to Bali with the Wesco fabrics company exposed Lynne to small villages where she watched the carvers bring chunks of stone and wood to life. Most recently she visited the glass-blowing factories in Murano, Italy where artisans create the light fixtures she has been using in clients’ homes.

The passion for finding sources for unusual pieces and the interest Lynne has in listening to her clients’ vision, coupled with a love of good design, harmony and balance gives each of the homes Lynne works on its own unique, timeless look.


  • Sherry Brown

  • Bookkeeper and 'Go To Person'

Sherry Brown is the one to go to with any questions on the day to day store operations and the billing details. Sherry has been with Home on the Range for 6 years and knows the ins and outs of our operation. Sherry is great at getting to the bottom of any question you may have. If she doesn’t know the answer she will search until she finds it!

Sherry has worked in Steamboat in a variety of hospitality industries from restaurants to Central Reservations and approaches everything she does with the same determination to do an excellent job.

  • Paige Hayes

  • Assistant Designer and Marketing Manager

Paige Hayes With a background in both Fashion Design and Anthropology, Paige truly loves all of the aspects that make interior design what it is: people, colors, fashion, culture, history, and more.  Paige , who grew up in Steamboat Springs and graduated from Colorado State University in 2010, has since moved from Colorado to Albuquerque, then to Alaska, then back to Steamboat!  She has been working at Home on the Range for 3 years, and though she started mainly doing advertising and social media for the business, her role has transformed over time to include data entry, order facilitation and follow up, 3d modeling, meeting with clients,  and more.  Paige has loved being able to learn “the business” over the past few years, and her love for crafts, culture and folk art has helped her develop a deep passion for textiles, furniture construction and fiber art.  Paige loves both the creative side of design, as well as the organized and detail oriented side.